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The 1887 Chapel  


St. Paul Lutheran Church is one of the oldest Churches in Bartholomew County, founded in 1848 by German immigrants (Read more about St. Paul's German heritage). The congregation first met in a Baptist church less than a mile from where the current church is now located. 


In 1852, St. Paul was deeded 14 acres of land and a log cabin church was built. This was replaced by a wood frame church in 1858. Continued growth necessitated the construction of a brick church in 1887 and this structure served the congregation until the spring of 2009. After the dedication of the new church on April 25, 2009, this structure was renamed the 1887 Chapel. 


There have been many changes in the history of St. Paul. When the congregation was formed, services were held only in German. The first English service was in 1888 on the day the Chapel was dedicated. However, regularly scheduled English services would not occur until 1921. 


St. Paul Lutheran Church - Dedicated Spring 2009


The heritage of our congregation was celebrated on April 25, 2009 when the new church building was dedicated. Great care was taken to create a church that is more than just an auditorium, but a space where one can feel the presence of God Himself.  


Design and architecture not only provide a place to worship, but also serve to teach the faith. 

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